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Robb Wong      Robb learned the importance of paying attention to the environment as a child hiking around the mountains of Montana. He would undoubtedly encounter old mining camps or clear-cut forests. He’d look at what was left behind and wonder how he could that have been avoided, restored, reused. One couldn’t help but be awed at the means and methods of how our world has developed and the amazing people that paved our path. On the other hand he couldn’t miss the impact this development has had upon our environment. By his junior year in high school, Robb had decided what he wanted be when he got older: a design builder that paid attention to his impact on our world. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in a Carpentry program in Helena, MT. His carpentry skills provided him the financial means of putting himself through college where he earned two degrees, a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Forest Products (Wood Construction and Design). His time in Idaho continued to reinforce his philosophy of paying attention to our impact on the environment. Idaho is also where he met his wife, Allyson. After graduating from the University of Idaho, Robb followed Allyson to her hometown of Reno and initially worked as a carpenter. It didn’t take him long to follow through and become a builder. GuiDenby started in their basement, and has grown into a business where he can now, by example, follow through with his goals of paying attention to the environment.

Allyson Wong     Allyson Wong is a licensed architect in the states of Nevada and Montana and is a LEED Accredited Professional. ​Allyson has wanted to be an architect since the age of 10, when she watched her parents construct an earth-bermed passive solar home. The experience of watching the construction of the home and then living in a passive house had a lasting impact on Allyson’s beliefs and future career path. As a very focused student, Allyson was able to begin her architectural training while still in high school, and at the age of 17 got her first job drafting for an architectural firm in Reno. Allyson attended the University of Idaho, where she graduated Summa cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture, and where she also met her future husband and business partner, Robb. She loves the adventure of owning a design-build company and being able to get extremely hands-on in her designs. One of her greatest recent accomplishments has been the completion of GuiDenby’s new headquarters at 855 S. Center Street. Allyson saw the design and construction of her own offices as an opportunity not only to showcase what GuiDenby can do, but also as an opportunity to demonstrate what all responsible business owners should be doing in terms of corporate responsibility. GuiDenby’s offices demonstrate that green building is good for not only the environment, but also the building’s occupants, neighbors, and the community as a whole. Allyson loves what she does because architecture is the perfect combination of art and science. A successful design achieves a perfect balance between creativity and functionality. Each project brings a new challenge, and each successful project stems from her ability to connect with her clients and really understand their needs.
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