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The completed Coconut Bowl at Wild Island is an approximately 125,000 square foot family entertainment center, making it the third largest facility of its kind in the United States. That’s an accomplishment for a business in Sparks, Nevada, and it was also a challenge for the GuiDenby team, as there are not similar projects to look to for guidance or “standards of the industry” that apply. GuiDenby’s solution was to get creative and have a “can-do” approach to every challenge and change that came along during design and construction. Need a glowing 22’ tall “tree” to disguise a column? No problem! Let’s add a waterfall inside! No problem! Can that open mezzanine actually be an enclosed space, but still be open mostly sometimes? No problem! Let’s add a food truck on the patio! No problem! Unique challenges require unique solutions, and GuiDenby worked very hard to achieve a one-of-a-kind completed project that meets the high standards of Wild Island for function and durability while also creating a fun, family atmosphere for kids of all ages to enjoy. This was done with a hands-on approach for finding solutions, with GuiDenby self-performing many of the custom and unusual details alongside a team of amazing subcontractors.

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