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Why Design-Build?

The Design-Build method of project delivery offers single source responsibility for your project, providing greater control of costs, quality, and timeline.

Design-build is the preferred method of project delivery for GuiDenby, Inc., and it is quickly becoming the preferred method for many project owners, designers, and builders. This method is becoming widely used for all project types, and its use is expected to keep growing. The reasons for this are quite simple; design-build projects create single source responsibility for the project, allow for better cost control and quality control, and shorten the timeline for many projects.

With the design-build approach, the client looks to a single source to take full responsibility for all aspects of the project.

This results in less “finger pointing” and an effort by all parties to take a cooperative team approach.The cooperative attitude surrounding design-build results in greater efficiency, cooperation instead of conflict, and a better project.

Cost Control

Design-build requires involvement of the construction team during the design process. This allows the construction team to identify costs early on and for the Owner, Designers, and Construction Team to work together to keep the project within the agreed-upon budget. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that total costs of design-build projects were reduced by 6 percent as compared to design-bid-build projects. While cost control may involve compromises, these compromises are easier to make early on in the project rather than as a knee-jerk reaction to rising costs during the construction process. Early planning and budgeting results in fewer surprises and the ability of the team to make educated decisions when cost concerns arise. Early fact-based budget decisions can be made, resulting in fewer change orders during construction.

Quality Control

With the team approach of design-build, the architect, engineer, and contractor are able to focus on the project, with an emphasis on quality, rather than protecting their own interests. With undivided accountability, it becomes the entire team’s responsibility to produce a quality project, and responsibility for non-performance or defects cannot be shifted to another party. In addition, the lines of communication are simplified in design-build, reducing the chances for misunderstandings. The construction expertise of the contractor and the design expertise of the design professional are melded to produce a greater value for the owner than what might be realized if both were working independently.


With design-build, the project owner saves time and headaches by dealing with a single source for all aspects of the project. The overall time to design and build the project is reduced because design and construction activities overlap. In addition, redesign for “value engineering” purposes is avoided, or at least completed in the early stages of the design process. The contractor can begin scheduling and material procurement earlier, and the design team can continue to detail design decisions during the early stages of construction. The design-build approach recognizes that time equals money and works to expedite the completion of the project.

Design-build recognizes the time-honored approach of Master Builder, providing a single source with absolute accountability for design and construction. Design-build is a fully integrated project delivery process which benefits the owner, the project team, and the resulting project. Making a single source responsible for all aspects of the project’s success motivates the combined disciplines to innovate better solutions and to become more invested in the success of the project.

Design-build is a process that is built on trust and teamwork. At GuiDenby, Inc., we ask you to entrust us with full responsibility for your project. We will form the team that can guide you through the complicated (but exciting) process of building design and construction. We start with our in-house team of architect and contractor and build the remainder of the team from our trusted group of professionals who have worked with us before and understand our team approach. GuiDenby looks forward to leading your project team through a successful design and construction process.

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